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High-quality design and advanced technology are combined into a perfect symbiosis in Cucer Solar tables with USB charging outputs. Robust, high-performance Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass is used. A material that also impresses with its aesthetically advanced surface. And with our free SmartConnect monitoring app, you have an immediate overview about solar power, battery status and load output at a glance. Together with a minimalist design and robust, elegant materials, every Cucer Solar table with USB charging outputs becomes an eye-catcher. And in addition a contemporary statement in terms of environmental friendliness.





Efficient MPPT-Technology optimized for maximum energy yield. At the same time, the integrated charge management system ensures a long battery life. In order to suit your personal usage profile, we have three standard battery sizes available
Enough energy even after sunset to charge mobile devices, while still providing power for an atmospheric ambient lighting.

Onyx Solar Glass

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic-Glass is certified as safety glass, protecting our customers from scratches or breakage. Three standard sizes with a PV power of 10Wp respectively 21Wp per PV glass provide enough energy to charge mobile devices during day time and store any remaining energy for the evening and night.

USB Outlet

USB ports became undoubtedly the standard for data transmission and charging technology in the world of mobile devices. Up to 4 USB charging outputs powering over 10 Watt each, always provide enough possibilities to charge mobile devices at our tables.

SmartConnect App

Solar power, battery status and load output at a glance is enough to know whether your table is perfectly placed and the battery is charged for an upcoming evening party.
Simply activate or deactivate charging outputs manually or timed. And just in case, drop us a screenshot together with your questions.

Transform your Cucer Solar Table into a flexible ambience light source by adding our LED light package.

Let your outdoor area immerse into an atmospheric ambience light after sunset. With appropriate solar and battery power, even if the sun keeps hiding behind clouds for some time.

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